Vivendi has been inspired by the people we have sponsored since 2010 and the equestrian and fitness industry.

Due to the popularity of our Premier clothing range we decide to  create the Vivendi brand.

Stylish, comfortable, high quality goods that are designed especially for you and whatever training you do, riding, weights, general fitness, this brand covers it all.

SIZING: XXS / XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL

Colours: Black – White – Blueberry – Blackberry – Cherry – Raspberry – Sage

SIZES: XS / S / M / L / XL

Colours: Black – White – Cherry

SIZING: XXS / XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL

Colour: Eclipse – White – Blackberry – Blueberry – Raspberry – Cherry – Lavender – Mist – Sage

SIZING UK: (4-5) / (6-8) / (8-10) / (10-12) / (12-14)

Colours: Black – White – Navy

Long Sleeve Compression Base Layers

Our Base Layers are designed to regulate the body’s temperature and are most effective when worn directly against the skin.

The technology of our four way stretch fabric moves moisture away from the surface of the skin. This helps to keep you dry and warm, or dry and cool depending on the climate.

Due to the lightweight, high stretch fabric these base layers allow you to move comfortably and naturally during training making them ideal for a variety of sports. Well suited for all equestrian disciplines and are also ideal for the gym, skiing, cycling, running & athletics.

73% Polyester 27% Spandex

Sports Bras – The Must Have Addition For Your Fitness Wardrobe

Times have certainly changed and sports bras have come along for the ride. Gone are the days of hideous sports bras that hold you down and hide your figure. In today’s world, sports bras are just as stylish as they are functional and the Vivendi Apparel High Impact Sports Bra is of no exception.

That being said, despite the now stunning options out there, people still question the difference between a sports bra and a regular bra, while others question the need for one entirely.

One of the biggest myths out there is that because you don’t necessarily take part in particularly ‘active’ sports or physical exercise, you don’t need a sports bra. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Today we’re looking at how sports bras help you beyond regular bras as well as when they’re best worn. Let’s get to it…

The Benefits Of Sports Bras

Sports bras aren’t just a nice to have, they’re essential and here’s why.


Whether you’re an avid gym user or you simply like going for a brisk walk every so often, you will at some time start to feel some discomfort when wearing a regular bra. Even when carrying out low impact exercises such as stretching or cycling, you may experience breast discomfort without the proper support. You may also experience tension in the shoulders as well as uncomfortable sweaty patches under your breasts that could lead to serious chaffing in regular bras. It just makes sense to avoid it altogether and use a fit for purpose sports bra.


Researchers have spent many hours researching the breast area and sagging. It’s concluded, quite rightly, that movement combined with inadequate support can and does lead to premature sagging of the breast. In fact, a study was carried out by the University of Portsmouth that showed breasts move far more than a regular everyday bra is designed to cope with. Wearing sports bras with extra support will therefore reduce the movement and overtime, reduce the amount that your breasts will sag.


Whenever you move, the ligaments in your breast move too. Whether that’s up, down or side to side. Without the correct support, this movement can be exaggerated and subsequently cause pangs of pain with sharp, jerky movement of the breast. With the help of a sports bra however, your breast movement will be greatly reduced, in turn, eliminating the breast pain during low impact and even high impact exercises.


For those who go through breast surgery, a well supporting sports bra is exactly what’s needed. Not only will this reduce movement following surgery but it will help to keep implants in place while the healing process takes place. Surgeons recommend decent sports bras for up to 6-8 weeks following breast augmentation or reconstructive surgery.


Sports have changed a lot since they were first invented and now, you can look as good as you feel. Check out the amazing mesh material as well as the stunning Vivendi wings on our very own high impact sports bras? They’re as fashionable as they are functional. 


Without the correct support, it can become difficult to focus on the task in hand. With a well supporting bra, instead of trying your best to bear through the breast pain and discomfort, you can instead focus solely on your sport, your gym session or even the beautiful scenery on your evening walk. 

Want To Get Your Hands On A Decent Sports Bra?

5 Ways To Wear Compression Leggings

Compression leggings have been a staple wardrobe addition for almost every athlete throughout the sports industry. From football to rugby, as well as the likes of running, gymnastics and a whole lot more.

Compression wear has been worn across the board for virtually years. Yet despite the obvious benefits of this technical fabric, it would seem only now is compression wear actually beginning to become more mainstream, venturing into the field of vision of regular gym users and workout fanatics. Here at Vivendi Apparel, we’d even argue that we were one of the first companies to introduce this incredible sports wear to the equestrian industry.

For those new to the notion of compression wear and the associated benefits, we thought we’d show you the plethora of ways the compression wear can help you, as well as when you should be wearing it. To truly help you understand why compression wear is such an important addition to your wardrobe, let’s look at the benefits of this material first and foremost.

Compression Leggings – The Versatility

Compression wear isn’t just tight clothing. It’s a technical fabric that, thanks to science, can provide you with a number of benefits aside from a rather flattering and snug fit. If you’re a serious athlete, whether you’re an equestrian, a long distance rower or a cyclist, here are just some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy:

  • Increased blood flow
  • Added support for muscles and joints
  • Reduction in muscle vibration during particular explosive exercises
  • Reduction in injuries overall
  • Reduction in muscle recovery time

While this list is far from exclusive, it does give you a much better picture of just what compression wear can do for you. Now the question lies around when exactly is best to wear them. While many wear them during their schooling sessions or weight training sessions, we can say without question that those aren’t the only times they should be worn if you’d like to truly see the benefit of them. Here’s when to wear compression wear outside of your training sessions.


Did you know when wearing compression wear, you actually warm up much quicker than you otherwise would? Due to the technical fabric creating more pressure, your blood flow is increased further which allows your muscles to warm up and stretch far easier than you would without compression wear.


The great majority of us experience what’s known as DOMs (delayed onset of muscle soreness) after working out and our legs can often feel like jelly. By wearing your compression wear after an intense workout session, you provide your muscles with much needed support, helping blood flow to remain at optimum levels and therefore help their recovery. Many even sleep in their compression leggings too, to aid in recovery throughout the night.


This is something we’re starting to see more of here at Vivendi Apparel. From Jasmine of Rudderly Mad, training to row across the Atlantic Ocean solo as well as a number of other customers choosing to wear our compression wear for kayaking, canoeing and more; compression wear is incredibly compatible with water sports for the simple fact that the technical fabric is moisture wicking, keeping wearers dry and cool while also helping to prevent chaffing and rubbing.


If you’re a frequent traveller, then you’ll know that compression socks are often worn during flights and long car journeys. This is primarily to help keep blood flowing through our extremities despite inactivity. Compression wear being worn during times like this will help to lower the chance of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).


Last but most certainly not least, compression wear may well serve a very important purpose for our health before, during and after workouts but compression wear isn’t just functional. Here at Vivendi Apparel, we’ve worked hard to create a functional brand that looks just as amazing too. 

With that in mind, we firmly believe compression wear shouldn’t be limited to the gym or the arena; in fact, we’re confident that our compression wear can be worn as every day wear just as easily.

Don’t believe us? Try for yourself.

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(NEW DESIGN Coming Soon)

Silicone Grip Breeches

Breeches are the staple of every riders wardrobe so it should come as no surprise that Vivendi Apparel have finally brought to you, a collection of high-end riding breeches.

Here at Vivendi Apparel, we feel strongly about only releasing products that we’d wear ourselves. After months of design research and creation on our part, we can finally reveal our final product and what a product it is.

Not only do these silicone grip breeches offer the traditional styling of Vivendi Apparel that our community have come to know and love, but they also offer the fantastic four way stretch that makes them not only comfortable but functional for the rider, both in and out of the saddle. Complete with super sticky silicone grip knees and seat, these breeches are the must-have piece for your riding collection.

Our breeches are available in three colour options; White with white silicone, Navy with grey silicone and Black with black silicone. All of our breeches encompass the high-end styling that our signature collection has become known for but our breeches will be our stand out offering, providing the rider with a much needed sticky seat for those competing at higher levels or simply riding something with a little more energy, in need of a little extra grip.

Whether you’re riding at home in the arena, hacking out with friends or heading to your latest competition; our breeches are the perfect choice and are guaranteed to be spotted at every upcoming event this season.

Pair with your riding boots for the perfect riding outfit and your favourite sneakers for the ultimate outfit travelling to and from the yard.

Sleek, stylish and functional; your Vivendi wardrobe just got a lot more exciting.