Riders Sleeves are the perfect accessory for Equestrians. They will keep you cool and protect you from the sun. They are fashionable and so comfortable that you wont even know you are wearing them!

99% UVA-UVB Protection

These arm sleeves are the ultimate 99% UVA-UVB protection for ANY outdoor sports or activities.


Two degrees cooler than the bare arms.These sleeves are made with a cooling thread to keep you cool in hot weather conditions.

UNISEX One-Size Fits All!

The perfect accessory made with the outdoor athlete in mind. Extra stretchy material

stretches up to 22”-24”.

Protects from bugs

Perfect to wear camping or gardening.

Helps keep bugs away!

The perfect cooling accessory for those days you have to mow the lawn!

Patented Cooling Material

They are great for fishing. Protect yourself from coral when diving.

You will be able to wear all your short sleeves when out at the beach!

For ANY Outdoor Activity

Protects your arms from sunburn and aging caused by the sun.

  • Moisture absorbent & fast dry,
  • Anti-microbial fabric
  • Seamless weave design for comfort

Other Features

Outdoor Sleeves are also great when wet. Spray water on your sleeves when it’s too hot outside….you will immediately feel a cooling sensation.

They help get rid of  “Farmers Tan”.

Did you say MOSQUITOES?   Yep, Outdoor Sleeves will protect you

from them when you need it.

Each pair comes in a convenient pouch to

carry with you everywhere.