Estride is an award winning multi-functional fitness tracker that measures everything you need to improve your riding and insure the health of your horse. Ideal for hacking, training, competition and/or any other activity in the equestrian field.

It can measure Training Time, Stride Count, Gait Pattern, Session Regularity, Horse Stability, Calorie Burn for you as well as your horse.

It can even be used to help you rehabilitate your horse post injury, with early indications of stride change!


Harmony Estride is a pressure sensing mat specifically designed to measure the pressure exerted by saddle and rider on horses’ back. It can be used to check saddle fit or analyses riding technique .

Harmony provides real-time (record mode) data with riding data recording frequency of 5Hz.

It can gather pressure data through all paces and jumping. In depth analysis of your riding technique vs impact on the your horses’ stride.



Estride Steady an award winning rider wearable hand-aid designed for riders to measure their hand steadiness for each hand while riding.

With it’s advanced real-time measuring capabilities, it triggers vibrations if incorrect movement is detected.

To become a good rider, it is necessary to learn to use your reins correctly. It take hours with devoted teacher to practice it. We simplify that.

Improve your riding technique with sophisticated algorithms in-built AI. Take the guesswork out and let Steady measure it.


ESTRIDE Features

* Training Time

Track your daily training time and compare with previous sessions.

* Stride Count & Pattern

Monitor stride count and analyze pattern in each gait. Identify any inconsistencies in pattern and compare to previous data.

* Horse Calorie Burn

Measure horse calorie burn during your training session, calories burnt in each gait and compare previous data.

* Rider Calorie Burn

Measure your calorie burn during your riding sessions. Helpful for tracking your own fitness!

* Gait Analysis

Analyze walk, trot & canter pattern to measure time spent in each gait. See calories burnt in each gait and compare historic data.

* Regularity & Stability

Identify stability of front or hind legs and measure the stride consistency in each gait during training and over time.

* Rehabilitation Assistance

Monitor stride patterns to assist injury or lameness recuperation. Keep an eye on improvements to help you reach your goals!

* Jump Measure

Measure jump efforts in training sessions.

* Stride Change Alert

Automatic advanced warnings and alerts in case of irregularities in regular stride patterns.

* Achieve Goals

Set targets for calorie burn, riding time, gait duration, jumping efforts and allow us help you achieve them.

* Predictive & Techical Analytics

Be Prepared: Advanced technical modules running statistical simulations to predict your stability and regularity for any future events planned.

* Wireless Communication

Wireless recording with a range of upto 1.2 kms. So no need to carry the controller or your mobile while riding.**

* Pre-Purchase

Pre-purchase analytics helps you identify problems before you buy the horse.

* Anywhere, Anytime

Your data stored on your MyEstride (personal cloud portal), accessible from mobile, laptop or computer on demand.

* Battery Life

Upto 8 hours battery life, so you can even track riding sessions for days before putting it to charge.*

* One size fits all

One size pocket strap for node, fits most of the horses.


HARMONY Features

Accurate pressure measurement at each point

920 sensors

Harmony’s matrix of 920 pressure points give you accurate distribution of force of the saddle on horses’ back.

Check Saddle Fit

Know what is happening under the saddle. Tiny sensors covering the entire mat, placed under the saddle helps identify inconsistencies in saddle fitting and assist you in choosing the correct saddle or fit for your horse. Could help you compare saddle fit for different saddles for you to choose the correct saddle for your horse.

Real-Time Record Mode

Real-time record mode allows data to be captured with the horse is ridden, this can be used later to analyse the effects of various transitions at various gaits. Data is captured at a 200-millisecond frequency.

Instant Mode

Allows you to wirelessly view the pressure map on your mobile or tablet. This mode can be used for static analysis. This is limited to bluetooth range and is not advised to be used when riding.

Ultra Thin

Does not affect saddle fit. Slim, lightweight and fully flexible.

Adjustable Pressure Resolution

Adjust pressure resolution in to see even the slightest of the pressure.

Advanced Analytics

Seamless integration with ESTRIDE Balance & Precision. It can give you analysis of pressure on the horses’ back and the effect of the pressure to the stride of the horse.

Wireless transmission

Data is transmitted wirelessly using Bluetooth both in instant and real-time mode.

Up to 8 hours battery life*

Upto 8 hours battery life, it can go days without a charge.

Anytime, Anywhere

Your real-time data stored on your MyEstride (personal cloud portal), accessible from mobile, laptop or computer on demand.


STEADY Features:


Mix some excitement with the training. Achieve badges and progress to next level.

Vibration alert

Incorrect movement triggers vibration giving you real-time feedback. Keep track of number of alerts.

Adjustable difficulty

Choose between beginner, intermediate or professional mode.

Left vs Right Hand

Check steadiness of both hands and compare left vs right over daily, weekly or monthly.

Share Achievements

Maintain achievement log and share with friends.


Track consistency of hand steadiness and achieve your goals quicker.