• Ideal for Hoofs, Soles, Frogs and White Line areas.
  • Can be used Long-Term with a thin layer over the hoof and surrounding area.
  • Acts as a barrier, forming a protective poultice which stays in contact for +- 12 Hours before drying naturally and flaking off.
  • Totally natural and eco friendly product containing bacteria busting essential oils, Tea Tree, Cedarwood and Lavender.
  • Pink Hoof Clay can also help with Non Cancerous Sarcoid’s.


Pink Hoof Clay can be used for Skin Irritations, Rubs, Grazes and Abrasions.

Pink Hoof Clay contains fly repellent qualities.

100% Natural Ingredients.

Competition, FEI and Race Legal.

Ecohoof Insect and Fly Repellent

Is Highly effective fly repellent with long contact period. Insect and Fly Repellent is made with totally natural ingredients and kind to the horses skin, another ‘must have’ Ecohoof Product.

Protection against Biting & Non Biting Flies, Horse flies and Ticks.