The Spur, refined

The Mandtis Spur is crafted from high-end aluminum alloy that is as solid as it is elegant. Thanks to our fabrication process, our Spur is sleeker, lighter, and more flexible than before. SLS 3D printing technology, The Mandtis Spur is like jewelry for your boot.

Solutions through Innovation

The Mandtis Spur’s fastening power is now augmented by our new N52 Magnetic Fastening System. It’s the ideal base for our range of 8 new indestructible unibody steel spur-tips. Silicone O-rings assure they are securely fastened and vibrations are minimized. You will be able to adjust your aids as often as necessary.

One pair of spurs with interchangeable spur tips. Flexible, light and comfortable, these brand-new spurs are made of PA12 laser fused by SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) technology and tinted in black. Introducing Mandtis magnetic fastening system, the riders can change spur tips according to his/her horse, or his/her type of riding.