Introducing the HORSEBOX MONITOR

Whilst transporting your horse in a trailer or horsebox can be a pain, trying to keep an eye on your horse and concentrating on the road, The Horsebox Monitor offers a simple and quick solution to the issue.


The Horsebox Monitor.

Offers a simple, easy to use solution to this problem. A compact wireless camera affixes to the side window/box to give a clear view of your horse. This is received by a wireless display, fixed to the windscreen much like a GPS or an APP on your smartphone to view whilst driving. No more stopping on your journey, saving time, giving you the reassurance that you need and continuous journey.

Do I really need a Horsebox Monitor for my horse while driving?

No matter how calm our horses are, there are always too many factors that can catch your horses off -guard during travailing or at the Stable Yard, many of which can result serious injury. We have all heard the stories:

A horse falls under the divider, a front hoof gets caught in the hay net, a trailer gate that wasn’t closed completely…  A simple monitoring system can alert the driver to pullover and rescue their horses from further trouble.

Having a Horsebox Monitor system for your horses is the smart move to make and the right thing to do.